I Can't Hear My In-Game Commentary

I recorded a gaming video, and the commentary from it won’t play in the software, but the game audio will. But whenever I watch the video in Windows Media Player, both audio recordings are able to play. I don’t know whether it’s the recording software that I use (Dxtory), or if I’m just not looking hard enough for the answer.

I figured it out! I clicked on “Properties”, then I clicked on “audio”, then “channels”, and then I selected 2 (both). I’m so proud of myself!

Never mind, it doesn’t work

You recorded a gaming video. The audio from the game can be heard in Shotcut. Is the commentary, which you can’t hear in Shotcut, from the game source or a voice-over? Is one or both in stereo? What did you do to get both sound sources into a form that WMP can play?

If you think both the game and commentary are on the same track, open the video with Audacity and play back the audio. Do you hear both sources there?

just a thought…but you may want to check your capture software’s settings and make sure you have you mic enabled…another check would be through your system/sound card settings…the problem, (whether it is over-all input/output level, or whether the mic is enabled at all), might lie there…the only other possibility is that the audio track IS there…but it’s really low…this can be addressed from the first two suggestions…if you want to skip the process of recording your adventure over again…try clicking the filters tab, (assuming that you already added filters to your playlist), clicking the audio button in filters…scroll down to gain, and you can adjust the over-all gain with your mousewheel by putting your cursor in the slider, and while keeping your eye on the peak level indicator…dial it in to the desired audio level. if you want to dial in the peak level a little more precisely, hover your cursor over the digital section of the filter and adjust it until you have it right where you want it…hope this helps

That says both sources are on whatever file the OP is working with. The question is “why does it work in WMP but not Shotcut”. That’s why I suggested using Audacity to a) verify playback, and b) see what’s where in the file (tracks?).It’s also possible there’s some procedure that makes a difference. The OP does something for WMP and something different for Shotcut. I don’t think that’s the case, but anything’s possible.