I can not export my video, Export Fail

I’ve scoured the forums for an answer and i cant find anything that works, so here goes nothing
When i try to export my video it constantly gets stuck after hitting 9 or 11 percent. I’ve tried disabling parallel possessing and tried finding the frame at which the export failed but it changes every time i export.

If you need the details, its a 2-3 minute video with 3 video tracks and 1 audio track. I’ve spent all day making this video and i’m unable export it

Please if anyone can help.

Try increasing the GOP setting.

Also, try telling us about your computer system and your source video details.

Finally, I recommend when using a new piece of software to have a couple trial runs with it to identify any issues before spending all day working on a project only to find errors on export.

can you explain where to find the GOP setting

i’m not big into computers and do not know the specs as i am on a laptop

ive used the editor before and successfully exported many other videos of even long length and some having up to four video tracks.

i solved my own problem, after calculating the frames using a online frame calculator i was able to pinpoint the disturbance and resolve the issue.