I can not edit 4k videos on my shortcut from my PS5

Hello, I got myself a new monitor but am considering exchanging it, since I can not edit my videos after recording them on my 4K monitor. Every time when I try to edit a Video in Shotcut from my PS5 I get the message:

“This File uses color transfer characteristics SMPTE ST2084 (PQ), which may result in incorrect colors or brightness in Shotcut”

I have attached the message if you want a closer look

I appreciate any kind of help

Kinda regards

That means your video is HDR. Shotcut does directly support HDR but this dialog lets you convert it to SDR and convert the colors. Click cancel and and you can see that it looks poor without conversion, or click OK to convert it to better colors.

Thank you for the answer but I did it as you said and it still looks not that great. It looks like the colors are washed up and it kinda lags

Can you share a screenshot of your clip before and after the conversion?

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