I can not add black smoke green screen

I want to add black smoke in shotcut but when I add the “chroma key: simple” filter, I can not remove the green around black smoke, could someone help me?

Please post a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window showing the clip selected and the filter panel open with the “chroma key: simple” filter selected. It is much easier then to understand the problem and try to help.

See here for a simple video of how to use this filter.

As Elusien says, we need to see more of what you are attempting. But even without that, off the top of my head, I’m thinking green screen may not be the best option for smoke. Perhaps some sort of blend mode instead?

You may need a decent quality green-screen to achieve what you’re wanting. As previously stated, screenshots may assist to determine and help.

Hi @Simp_Botan_du_khong

Try adding a Key Spill: Simple filter under the Chroma Key filter.
Playing with the Distance parameter in Chroma Key: Simple will help too.
And like @PaulusMaximus said, try to use the best quality files you can find for your black smoke layer.

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You should also try already transparent (mov) files, if you are lazy like me. You might get it from productioncrate Or any other place.

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