I believe shotcut is underusing my hardware resources

I am exporting a 720p clip at 50 fps, the timer tells me that 23 hours are remaining to complete the task. I hace 12 GB RAM Core i7 CPU but both appear below 30% of usage at the task manager. Could it run faster?

The export time estimate is not always accurate. It is good to wait a while and use a wall clock to see how long it actually takes.

There is an option for “Parallel Processing” in the exports settings. It is not enabled by default because it does not always make export go faster and occasionally there are bugs in filters that it exploits.

thank you for such an expedite reply. i also saw a “hardware encoding” checkmark. could it shorten the export time?

Hardware encoding is another option that may or may not speed up the export time. It is worthwhile to experiment with it. On some systems it will be faster. On other systems it will be slower. Hardware encoding typically results in slightly lower qualify video at the same bitrate. So that is a tradeoff to consider while you are experimenting with it.

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