HTML in File - Open Other - Generator

Hi devs, great work, keep on going.

Could you add access to yours HTML WYSIWG Editor into File - Open other objects - Generator cathegory.
For now you can use it via HTML overlay filter which is not always convenient, or use open url which is not obvious.

Later with generator pannel and HTML generation presets it may become a greate feature where many not-video-geek devs could help you.

Thank you for the complement and suggestion. Yes, this has already occurred to me and is on my to do list. The reason I did not already add it as a pure MLT producer to Open Other is because I was seeing some difficult-to-debug stability issues on some platforms. Later, I realized I could probably stabilize this by making it a transparent color producer with the HTML filter automatically attached.

This is low priority at the moment because you can already do this with a couple of more steps and because it does not really close a major, fundamental gap. Also because there is additional work to disguise this filter and ensure the correct properties panel displays, which requires a higher level abstraction that does not exist in the code today. Maybe this should also be coupled with the work to make generators truly extensible and pluggable. That way, someone can easily add more custom HTML-based generators.

Did you know that you can also just choose FIle > Open and simply open an HTML file? Currently, the integration for that is rather awkward because it opens as a “live” source and there is no way to access the editor. In order to make this a clip with a duration is by adding it to the Playlist.

Yes, I found it.
HTML features is really cool but little bit too geeky for non developers.