HTML/CSS Text Effects

Made by a user, and some info on how-to is in the video description on the Vimeo page:


Nice! Here are some more of the best CSS tutorials & books.

Hi Dan,
Just an idea : I think having a cool 5 sec animation “made with Shotcut”, with the logo and website address, that user could add to their video if they choose too.
I’d be happy to promote Shotcut this way.
NB : I’m not talented enough to do something really good, but you could launch something like a open contribution.

What do you think?


I have produced an mp4 (1920x1080) video in this vein that I am now using on the closing credits of my videos since I started using Shotcut a couple of weeks ago. You are more than welcome to use it yourself. It can be found at:

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Cool, I’ll try to use it for sure !