HOWTO Run any sample with qmelt without shotcut

I’ve downloaded example from:

and tried to run qmelt:
"C:\Program Files\Shotcut\qmelt.exe" 111.mp4 out=299 -filter webvfx:index.html out=299

And it stuck… Is there any example on how i can run any sample from console?

Try this:

Does this still need a gui? I tried making a dedicated render system and ran into problems with it not having a UI before(it was a headless linux box)

I’m not using XML.
Great i’m able to run examples from here: (overlay text)

qmelt.exe" 111.mp4 out=120 222.mp4 -filter webvfx:credits.html out=299

Can anyone advice how to run transitions correctly:
qmelt.exe 111.mp4 out=120 222.mp4 -mix 60 -mixer webvfx:JRtransition.html Angle=45


Issue - transition ends without changing to next clip and after transition finished it changes to next one…

Hi @DangerD, this might be a useful thread for you to read:

My original thread is here, if it helps…

Sorry, I’ve not tried running qmelt standalone. I’ve always done it via the Shotcut GUI.

The problem that i’m using script that creates video automatically on server side every day and i need to add more complex effects like this: (circle and text that zooms in)
And i tried to make zooming in text:
and it animates choppy…
Is there any way to make text zoom in smooth using html webvfx?

I’m not sure how the webvfx framework I created works without the Shotcut UI. Also, webvfx is due to be removed from MLT-Shotcut by the end of the year, so relying on this will make it impossible to upgrade from then on.

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