How to work in Linux and Windows when using an ext drive?

The problem I am having now is that Linux Mint uses a file path that starts very differently from the file path Windows uses:
Linux: media/drpeppercan/Hitachi/BackUps/Astroneer Tips/etc
Windows: E:/BackUps/Astroneer Tips/etc

Obviously, this affects whether Shotcut will find the files used or not.

Maybe I have no choice but to keep the files in a shared NTFS partition?

Thanks guys

Is all of your referenced media “below” the .MLT file in your directory structure? Shotcut is pretty good about using relative paths for linking to media within the .MLT file’s own folder or any folders below it. If your media is on a different drive or mount point or higher up the tree, then it will switch to an absolute path. I also use Mint and Windows, and have had pretty good luck on external drives so long as I follow this guideline.

There was a bug-ish report made earlier about occasional shotcut:detail and other elements in the .MLT switching to absolute even when they shouldn’t. I’ve had this happen a couple times and don’t know what causes it. But then I just edit the .MLT in a text editor and remove the path prefix I don’t care about to make the path relative again and all is good.

Yeah, I guess that’s the problem: Many of my referenced files are not within the project folder.
Next project I’ll be sure to make copies of any external files and bring them in.

Thanks Austin

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