How To Use Volume Filter?

I saw this excellent video but her version of shotcut doesn’t seem the same as mine. I can’t get this filter volume slider thing up… i just don’t get the same display.

How should I use the filter thing? my version is

Is this what you want?

No. That’s the top bar, as you well know of course, and I click on ‘filters’ there and get nothing so I right click it and get a list of filters with empty check boxes and I check a box and … nothing seems to happen…

what i want is to apply a silencing filter to a section of a video and demonstrated here - but with a different version of shotcut -

If you want to silence a section of the video you can split the section you want to silence then apply the mute filter to it.

If you want to lower the volume of a section of your video you can either split the video and apply the gain filter to the split section, or use the gain filter with key frames to lower the audio in one section of the video.

Here’s a tutorial that might help you.

Yes, I know about the splitting. that’s what she’d doing in her video and I can follow that, it works on my machine.

But ‘apply the mute filter’ - that’s what I’m asking about - how to apply filters?

No, the tutorial doesn’t help. My instance of shotcut doesn’t display the things he has. He selects filters and then goes and does his thing… what he says he has i don’t have.

I click (right click) filters and I get this screen:


Click the “+”.

ah… cripes…

good. thanks for that. I’ll be able to progress a bit now…

it’s still not going right. i have short voice over audio and i’m trying to diminish the volume on the original track during the time of the voice over. just like someone did in one of the youtube vids.

thanks to you i’ve now got the gain diminished to where the original track doesn’t sound and i thought i’d got it… but it turns out i’ve diminished the audio throughout the length of the original…

maybe blundered with my ‘s’ points or something…

at least i can do something now… i’ll mess around some more…

thanks for your input…


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