How to use slices of the timeline

I have 3 video sources which I have added as 3 tracks on the timeline.
The video sources consist of multiple video files as generated by the gopro camera.
I would like to shrink the video down to 10 mins.
How do I put together slices of the 3 tracks into a 4th track for output?

I can see that I could save each of the 3 source tracks as separate MLT projects and then open a master project and use the 3 MLT as my playlist… is this the easiest approach or is there a better way?


Just trying to understand what you are asking.
Are you trying to take sections out of the three videos and cut them together into a shorter one?

If this is the case then I suggest the following method:

Open the play list tab and add the 3 source videos to it.
Preview the source videos, use I and O to make beginning and end of clips that you want.
Drag to clip the timeline, repeat as needed to get the parts you want on to the timeline.

You can also use additional video tracks for effects like picture in picture or adding titles.

Thanks Roger,


The problem is that each of the 3 videos comprises a string of gopro video clips.
I used your method above to take the 30 video clips and create 3 timeline tracks (one for each gopro)

I now want to take slices out of the 3 timeline tracks and build a short final video.

I have solved this problem by saving each of the 3 timeline tracks as a separate project (MLT).
I then open a master project and place the 3 MLT “tracks” into my playlist.
I can then use slices of these MLT tracks in my timeline track.

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