How to use Shotcut and GIMP together?

Hey fellow forum members,
I was recently searching for a tool like photoshop for free.
And I came across GIMP.
Now I want to know the things and tricks that I can do using Shotcut and GIMP.

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With Regards Speeding_Snail
Thank you


There is a useful “Handwriting” technique explained by @jonray here:

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There are hudreds, if not thousands of tutorials on GIMP on YouTube, from very simple to very complex. There is no way to cover all what GIMP can do. GIMP’s companion is Inkscape (Vector graphics editor). GIMP and Inkscape are very powerful programs to get to learn.

I’m not going to go in detail on how I created these, rather to showcase what you can do with GIMP in relation to Shotcut, in how I use the two together.

Go from this (viewed in GIMP)
Source image size: 5992x3371

Source image:
To this (viewed in GIMP)
Size: 1920x1080 (Export to PNG or JPG for use in Shotcut, eliminated the use of a text filter.)

Or create a transparent text images like this:

Custom transparent border

Custom mask (viewed in Shotcut, mask applied)
Mask used (viewed in Gimp)


I started a GIMP course at Udemy some time ago.
Finally, the creator of the course has uploaded it to Youtube for free.

Additionally, the interface can be adapted to be similar to Photoshop (for all those who are used to this software)
Today I was trying the path tool and different adjustments in one of my old damaged pictures.


As it says @Hudson555X, GIMP and Inkscape are perfect complements to use with Shotcut.
Shotcut allows the import of vector graphics .svg and that’s great for perfect image quality.
It is a world within a world.


I don’t use Gimp much, but since Inkscape as been mentioned, I’d like to share this YouTube channel I started following years ago:

Check his Playlist page, he shares tons of excellent Inkscape and Gimp tutorials


Since I don’t speak English, I find it difficult to follow Youtube channels in English. The Gimp course that I linked here, because of its quietness in the explanatory steps was more accessible to me.
I will take a look at these Logos By Nick
I started using Inkscape as a replacement for CorelDraw 4 many years ago. We quickly focused on using this vector graphics editor to create flashcards for my wife’s students.
She once used Inkscape to create transparent position templates using exact measurements that I can then use over and over again in Shotcut.
Recently the vector graphics website Openclipart has been up and running again. I have there some simple designs that can be used freely.

Continuing with these software programs, a few months ago I was surprised with the boot speed on W10 and Linux. I tried on the same computer on W10 and on Linux Ubuntu Studio.
These were the results.

I don’t know if the performance is better on either operating system, but I recognize that it was an impressively fast load, for which I don’twas used to.

Oops, I have the feeling of having “hijacked” the thread. Excuse me.


Guys thank you so much for your response.
I found all of your replies really really useful.
I think I got what I was searching for.
Thank you so much.
Regards Speeding_Snail.


I too have been getting back into Inkscape, after a lull of a year or so. I find Logos By Nick very illuminating. Shortish videos with tones of useful tips. He also has a paid-for course ($17) on his website, that shows how to use almost every single feature:


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