How to un-transition, and how to for finalizing and saving to YouTube

I keep having to re-edit video clips because the transitions seem to permanently remove some of each clip. How do I “-un-transition” if I decide to adjust? I’m assuming the first step is to add the transitions at the end of editing but can transitions be undone?

Also, I’m finally ready to do the final save and upload for my first video. I have edited, lost, re-edited and made mistakes so freaking many times that I would appreciate being told what to do to get this uploaded correctly to YouTube. I’m a volunteer for a nonprofit, so this is not my day job :slight_smile: Thank you!

I think I understand you correctly, in which case it depends on how you created the transition. Usually all I do is delete the transition and then re-drag the end of the video clip (hold your mouse over the end of the clip until you see double arrows, click and drag to the right).

However, working with transitions and other basics (I saw your other question about text not showing up because you had your tracks in the wrong order) are fundamentally about as simple as it gets, and therefore I strongly suggest you take some time to do the intro tutorials, which will walk you through this and more.

Please save yourself some major headaches and watch the first 7 (have Shotcut open and follow along). Be aware that having no prior experience and learning to use a video editor such as shotcut (any video editor) isn’t just a 5 minute job that develops “intuitively” as you go, but rather, like a programming language it takes time and effort to learn and there is no way around it.

You could watch the one on transitions first and skip ahead (please don’t do that), but I would do them in the order they are listed, and take my time to gain a level of understanding that will help in future endeavours. Once you reach the picture in picture and split screen video, you can stop (no need to watch that one unless it interests you although I personally would, even from a beginner point of view). There is also one focused on how to export.

Do the tutorials and I have confidence you will be fine. Good luck!


Thanks. I have watched 15 videos or so, some repeatedly, but not Shotcut-created videos. I will watch them. But, I did the slide transition as you said but deleting the transition cuts off some of the video. And one had 2 transitions.

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