How to: Time Lapse (Increase Speed) accross multiple tracks?

Hey guys.

I have a project with a couple Video tracks and a separate audio track. I want to speed up part of the project, using v19.06.15.

First attempt was to enable multi-track ripple, cut the audio track, so that I have a piece of audio where increased speed is desired, increase the speed of the audio and hope that the Video clips above the audio track will do so accordingly.
Well, that won’t work :wink:

Are there any suggestions to approach what I want, without exporting the whole project to an intermediary file and then increase speed on the desired parts - I would like to keep the cut points on the timeline for future work after the speed is incerased.

See on the exaple picture who it looks and what I want to have faster:

Thank you.

If anybody has some more suggestions about the best workflow, if one wishes to incrase speed withinn a project and accross tracks (even in case it’s only one Video-track, with a separate Audio track): I’d be glad to hear them.

Right now I guess the best way would be to export the project after all the other work is done to an intermediate file and then apply time lapse, wwwhere it applies?

I however really would like to avoid the intermediate export for this purpose…

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