How to Synchronise Separate Audio/Video with Shotcut?


I am very new to editing (my knowledge is super basic) and only downloaded Shotcut a few days ago, so forgive my ignorance and “baby level” questions!

My question is: I am synchronising my separately recorded audio and video using shotcut. I have both added to the timeline, and have visually lined up the two peaks (where I clapped my hands at beginning of track) but cannot hear anything from the audio. I have checked it is not on mute. It’s a WAV file recorded in stereo on ZoomH4N.

I am currently exporting this project to test to see if the audio from the audio is heard once exported?

I have also muted the video, as of course that is necessary too. I assume you just click the mute on the video track? Or does that just mute it in the player and not the final export?

These are simple questions but I’ve watched lots of tutorial videos and no-one seems to have given instruction in using Shot cut for this purpose, which I assume is actually quite common?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best wishes, Jamie

The video track audio is muted on export.

Hey Steve,

thank you. Yes the export because i muted the video had no sound. The audio track was not audible either, but I didn’t mute it. Not sure why it cannot be heard. Maybe I’ve accidentally muted it in some way.