How to stop on an image?

Hi there !

Starting to use Shotcut to compile about 40-50 sequences of a video game I love to play, and I would like the video to end with the last frame of the last sequence frozen for a some seconds and then fade in black.
Is there a way to do that with Shotcut ?

thank you for your help


I will try to help here. After you have the video clips aligned as you want, with the arrows choose the frame you want. Then go to the File menu and choose Export Frame.

Open this frame and add it to the player window. Let it play and stop it after the seconds you want the image freezed. Use the key o to end the sequence and add it to the play list.

In the end of the timeline you have all the clips you want add the still clip and apply a video fad out with the time duration you want.

If it’s not clear enough I can try to make a video with this instructions.

Luis Sismeiro

Thank you very much, this is perfect !!! Thanks again !