How to rotate a video without Shotcut cropping it

I think I found an answer to this question in this forum, but I could not understand it. I’m hoping someone can come up with a simple answer.

I received a video taken on an iPhone, which needs to be rotated. Here’s a screenshot of the original video:

If I rotate the screenshot, it looks like this:

But when I rotate it in Shotcut, using Shotcut’s defaults, instead of getting the preceding image, the sides are cropped out:

Video rotated 270 degrees by Shotcut

I sort of understand why Shotcut does this, but not exactly. I tried changing the dimensions of the rotated video, setting the width to what was the height of the original video. And this worked–less or more:

Video rotated 270 degrees and width changed to original height size

That gives me me uncropped content, looking like what I expected, but the screen size of the video has shrunk. Is that the best that I can do, or is there a better way to rotate and keep the full area intact and at its original size?

You must select a video mode that fit the target video you want.

takeing a clip with a 9:16 ration and rotate it will not give you a 16:9 video, it still a 9:16 video.

So you need to set the video mode to fx. 1920x1080 (16:9) and you clip (9:16) and rotate it to fit the 16:9 mode

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