How to request a technical review

I do not know the proper etiquette for this request. But the forum post titled “Where can I find a Shotcut freelancer?” seems to suggests maybe it’s okay.

I’d like to arrange for a review of the lectures for my online course that deal with using the Shotcut editor.

I’m in the final throes of developing an online course entitled “Video Memories” that guides the student in how to combine personal stories and anecdotes with photos and other static visuals into a two to four-minute video they can share with friends and family.

About two-thirds of this course deals with the technical aspects. My former video editor only works on Windows, so I chose to recommend Shotcut to my students and use it for the technical screencasts.

Shotcut is clearly the right choice.

But I had no prior experience with Shotcut as I build this course and suspect that at least some of my demonstrations are harder than they need to be.

The 15 Shotcut technique lectures run an average of 6 minutes or so each when I combine the face/voice-over with the screencast demos.

What is the proper etiquette to request such reviews?

This is fine. Whoever wants to offer assistance can send you a direct message, and you can arrange to give them permission. It sounds short enough that I volunteer. Send me a direct message with instructions on how to access it. Once it is published - whether free or paid - you can post a link to here in the Tutorial category.

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