How to remove watermark on videos?

Just wanted to know an easy way how to remove watermark on videos. Suggestions?

There are lots of options, at least I know more than 5, but most of them are online solutions, so this mean it could be a good solution if you have a small video, but if you have to edit a bigger video you better use a desktop App, you will save a lot of time using it. To cut it short you better use this is the perfect app for editing video and removing the watermarks. I used it a couple of time, I can this app is the most perfect solution for video edit. You should check it,you will definitely like it

Shotcut does have an easy way with an easy name to remember. You’re going to want the filter known as “Spot Remover”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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But unfortunately this has a fixed value in terms of smearing.

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