How to Remove 'phantom' clip?

I am totally new: one day with it.

I know I accidentally ‘appended’ something to my video clip.

I think I appended the same clip to the end of itself.

well i’ve added some audio and now want to export it, keep it.

But when it plays it doesn’t stop at the end. It continues on and plays the same clip again… moving into white space if that track is not selected, orange space if it is seleclted - i.e. the space doesn’t show green like the real clip does.

and while I’m here: I added an audio track but it looks to me like it has added a copy of the original… but i don’t know how to stop the original displaying so’s I can just run the audio track to see if it truly has the video in it or not.

can anyone help please?

A picture paints a thousand words. It isn’t clear to me what you are explaining. If you post a screenshot of the tracks around the point(s) in time that you are experiencing the problem you’ll probably get someone to explain what is going wrong.

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