How to remove a source clip imported in error

Is there a simple way to remove a source clip once it’s been imported?

Here’s the situation: when editing, I often add new clips to the project. On more than one occasion, I’ve realized that i needed to make some minor change to a clip I’ve imported into Shotcut - but since the clip is open in the Preview (“source”) window, I’m not allowed to make any changes because the clip is now open in Shotcut. And I can’t find any way to get the clip out of Shotcut. (My workaround is to open something I don’t intend to use, thus replacing the clip I actually want, then make the changes, then re-open the clip I want - not the best solution.)

I don’t know either how to remove a clip from the source monitor except for replacing it with another clip.

I would usually save (project mlt file, not export/render) and restart Shotcut for this.

You can press File/Close but that will close the project and get rid of the timeline. But the way it sounds, you don’t have anything in your timeline at that moment.

In any case, if the minor changes you have to do externally do not change framerate, resolution and duration of the clip, then you can finish editing your project, save it as an mlt project file and then close Shotcut. You can then replace the files and start the project again.

Thanks. Sounds like a feature that needs to be added.