How to reduce White brightness of "light on to" camera lens?

Shooting from a Pixel 2 XL…
I have shot a video of a pilot boat at night that has a spot light pointed at me…this results in a white bright light that kills the detail of the pilot boat…I have also used Zoom

I will be posting video in two weeks but is there a way to reduce the light and keep the detail of the boat?
White balance
colour grading (did reduce but the detail also reduced)
reduce noise

I am a novice so may need some more detailed help please!

It is possible that the light caused your camera to set its effective ISO, aperture and shutter speed to an EV that was much to high. The result being that your camera recorded nothing but one bright light with blackness around it. If your camera didn’t record sufficient detail, there is nothing you can do to “retrieve” it - it simply isn’t there.

If the detail IS there, there may be a way to create a mask from the light, negate the mask, and then overlay the mask on top of a brightness boosted video… …that’s getting way beyond “novice”.

Will post video in two weeks to see if there is anything you can recommend…thankyou for your feedback!

Try the Levels filter and raise the dark side just to see if the detail is in there. You can also try lowering the midpoint. If the video has only two colors in it (black and white) no matter what you do, there is simply no detail to recover.

Here is the video I;m trying to lower the light in:

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