How to morph one image into another?

For example if I have one image of text and I want it to morph into a different image of text.

For when those cross-cuts don’t do the trick

Is it even possible in shotcut? If not, how would you do it? (I have no photoshop, cannot afford), thanks!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Morphing a simple shape into another simple shape is relatively easy using HTML/CSS/Javascript and or SVG, see:

Morphing one character into another is a little harder. Morphing arbitrary text into some other arbitrary text is quite a lot harder.

Doing something like exploding" an image then having it re-assemble as a different image is not too difficult to do. This in fact is probably the easiest thing to do: e.g. you have an image that says “Fragmentation”, you fragment it into N x M fragments, have these explode in different directions, slow, then reassemble, but this time as the final image that says “Re-assemble”.

Instead of exploding you could have each fragment shrink to a point then expand to become the equivalent fragment of the final image, or you could rotate the fragments, or you could reduce the opacity of the fragments to zero and then increase the opacity of the final images fragments to 1.

As you can see there are lots of options, but morphing arbitrary text into other text is going to be difficult to do. I my have a go later on at some of the options I mention above.

Don’t let the cost of software hold you back, after all you are on a forum for Shotcut, an open source piece of software. Have you considered looking at GIMP for image manipulation or editing?


The Gimp (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)
Linux/Mac OSX/Windows.

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Il y a Corner pin et SPR en mode distort qui déforment l’image, mais comme je n’ai pas forcément bien compris ce que vous vouliez réellement faire, je ne sais pas si cela pourrait convenir.
Auriez-vous un exemple vidéo ?

There are Corner pin and SPR in distort mode that distort the image, but as I didn’t necessarily understand what you really wanted to do, I don’t know if it would fit.
Do you have a video example?

See here for a type of “pseudo-morphing” that may work for you:


Voici ce qui apparait quand on clique sur votre lien.
Vous vous êtes lancé dans la serrurerie ?

This is what appears when someone clicks on your link.
Did you start a career in locksmithing?

Works for me.

And for 9?
Creating a Pseudo-Morphing affect
Capture d’écran 2021-03-24 à 19.13.10

I got a “Refused to connect” message on a blank screen; the named site was a domain-name-parking vulture.

@Namna and @kagsundaram

Yep, I can confirm.
Apologies, I originally only checked a random page on his site.
That page that “9” points to is indeed not there.

Strange that some pages do work, must be a cached version on my browser.

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It looks to me like our friend is in a bad spot. The worldwide DNS system can take up to 48 hours to propagate new URL-to-ISP linkage, which could explain anomalous results. The symptoms are consistent with a domain-name-vulture registering the domain name for themself in order to “park” on it; sometimes this is due to a lapse in registration, and sometimes this is a method of scamming people.

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Indeed, however I think that only applies to the “root” URL.
Once that has been propagated, any sub-directories (URL) are instantaneous
as long as they are on the same server.

Could be wrong though.

And sometimes not.

I changed from IX to FastComet a few years ago. During the changeover, for a few hours the results were quite anomalous, even for the subdomains hosted at IX which were rehosted at FastComet. But I had two or three subdomains that were hosted on my home computer, over a dedicated-IP line; those stayed active for quite a while as DNS servers remembered that connection and saw no new linkage to take its place.

Absolutely, when you change ISP’s, there will be a switch over period.
I’m thinking more along the lines that @Elusien is still on the same ISP and just added
a page, so there should be no problem.

Similar to what you did by adding the MLT online checker.

Unless his subscription expired and he forgot about it.

Mea Culpa,

I mistyped the link. If you reload the page ( it should now have the correct link (

My website is hosted by Ionos and they are quite a good company to be with.

When I get round to it I’ll put in an “error: 404” trap, do better recover.


OK, fixed

probably a very useful resource in general but useless to me because I use custom fonts.
The idea is to turn egyptian hieroglyphs into english in an animated way :slight_smile:

Interesting project. Are you just looking at doing 1 or 2 hieroglyphs, or something more general, also, are you trying to morph coloured hieroglyphs like those below to English, or something more stylised with simpler shapes?

More simple hieroglyph font (“pharaohglyph” it’s called), into basically any english font.

I had hoped there would be some simple online tool for morphing