How to make Chroma Key objects larger or smaller with screwing up the film?

Hi there, I came here earlier seeking help, and I got it. So I want to ask another question, and I’m really thankful for your previous assitance.

I’m working on a MLG style video, but the thing is want to chroma key multiple layers at the same time within the video. However, when I try make a green screen layer smaller with Size and Position, it screws up the whole video the portion where the green screen occurs.

I’ve looked up many videos on Youtube, but none of the videos seem to tackle this, could you please help me.


I figured out my own problem. I updated my version of shotcut, and it started working like a charm.

Hopefully, this post can help others think of how to fix the problem if they run into the same problem! :smiley:

Have you ever explored the Rotate & Scale filter?

Shows what it looks like before applying filter

With Rotate & Scale and Size & Position filters applied.

Shotcut Version 18.11.13