How to maintain the custom frame rate of a WebP animation?

Whenever I add an animated webp in Shotcut (like this, I’ve noticed that it reads every frame with the same framerate of 33ms. Even though the webps I use are edited in Gimp to have different rates, some of them for e.g. 1000ms to signify pauses. Which causes the program to skip the pauses.

Is there a way to fix that and make Shotcut read WebPs properly other than converting all those longer frames to multiple frames of 33ms each? Because that skyrockets the webp size and I want to avoid that.?

Shotcut does not support variable frame rate in sources including in WebP.

Pity. Guess I’ll have to convert it to 30fps and it Will work then. Thanks

One part of the problem is that Shotcut treats an animated WebP file as an image.
So when you import it in Shotcut, it’s length will be 4 seconds (or whatever the default length you’ve set).

My suggestion (workaround) would be to that in addition to exporting your animation from Gimp as a WEBP file, you also export a still image as a PNG. That one will be used as pauses between the blinks

Then, import your animated WebP file in the timeline and cut the clip after the first eye blink.
Copy that shorter clip and move it to the Playlist.

Import the PNG image in the Timeline and cut it (or extend it) to the length you want.
Copy it and move it to the Playlist.

Then use the new PNG and WebP clips to create a sequence in the timeline.
For example: One 3-second pause (PNG), two blinks, one pause, one blink.
Select all the clips, click the Copy button, and Append as many times as you want in the timeline.

Of course, this will work well with the WebP file you shared above. There is only the blink part to isolate. You’ll probably have to adapt this method when using more complicated animations.

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