How to load LUTs files in LUT (3D) Filter?

I’m a user Window 8.1 Traditional Chinese version. I had been struggling in how to load LUT files, like “35 Free LUTS” shortly after I installed Shotcut. Unfortunately, it appears that no reliable source could help until I found the following post by luck (LUT don't load in folder with é, è, à).

I initially downloaded the “35 Free LUTS” under a sub-path or a folder named in Chinese, which made the Shotcut unable to identify what I wanted to do. Having followed Kamigeek’s suggestion above, I copied the “35 Free LUTS” folder directly under C Drive. It works. Thanks Kamigeek.

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@Paul_B_Mahol Can you take a look at this? I was able to reproduce it in Windows only at the command line using ffplay. I believe this is a bug in FFmpeg libavfilter/vf_lut3d.c because it uses fopen() instead of av_fopen_utf8(). I see some other filters are using it but most are not: grep fopen libavfilter/*.c.

Will fix, thanks for providing instant solution!

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This is fixed for the next version 20.02.

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