How to insert these?

how can i insert signs and animated text like these?
only the first 20 seconds

Hi @provando
What is your level of experience with Shotcut ?
Are you familiar with the use of Keyframes and masks ?

hi @musicalbox, my experience with shotcut is medium level but with Keyframes and masks is low level

@provando, in that case, you have no choice but to learn how to use keyframes. I mentioned masks because in the video you shared they used some masking techniques to hide the text behind the woman’s arm (between 0:11 and 0:13). But that’s just an added touch that is not essential. Keyframes are though. Every time you want to make something grow, shrink, move or rotate you’ll need to use keyframes.

You’ll find tons of tutorials on the forum and on YouTube that shows how to use keyframes.
Start practicing with simple animations. Then move up to more complicated stuff, until you have enough experience to replicate what you see in that video.

Unless you hire someone to do it at your place, I see no other way. Learn. Experiment. Practice.


@musicalbox thank you! Ok now i try to learn keyframes.

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