How to insert my metadata? For copyright purposes

Anyone knows how to insert my metadata in the video for protect my copyright work in “Shotcut”?
What i’m looking for it’s my metadata could be readden and found in my video whenever or whatever my video it’s viewed doens’t matter the video plataform it’s played.
E.g., in free audio “Audacity” (DAW) it allows to insert our metadata for copyright purposes, if we wich to do so.
Thanks in advance.

It’s not available yet but it’s on the Roadmap to be included one day (“set metadata (artist, title, etc.) in encode”). Here is the link to the Roadmap.

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By “video platform”, do you mean streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo? YouTube will not show metadata to viewers. YouTube actually removes it on purpose as a privacy measure so that people’s GPS coordinates aren’t revealed. Otherwise, somebody robs their house while they’re live-streaming their vacation.

Search here for “export metadata” and view the first result.

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