How to I Export or Encode a video in Highest, lossless Quality?

Dear Shotcut & its community,
what is the best way to export a project without losing quality and keeping the frame rate high?

Much Obliged!

Hi, I think first you need think about what the distribution media is for the final video. Is it for YouTube or a DVD? You should choose the final format according to it.

The frame rate AFAIK isn’t changed from the original framerate unless you change it explicitly. You can test the following “losslees” export presets and see if they suit your needs:

Thanks for the info! But do you know if the quality of the codec matters?

Surely the Quality parameter matters but I don’t have the knowledge to explain how much and what the difference will be. Usually better quality implies higher bit rate and more space occupied in the disk. Other options like the GOP and B frames ( also influence the final quality but to explain this we need someone with video encoding expertise.

if you want to keep it as lossless as possible FFV1 or Huffyuv
if you want to keep it nearly lossless, x264 at 80% or higher quality based vbr

i always keep my original files

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