How to hide a face (moving not still)

Hi guys!
I am mounting a video, with three boys walking down a corridor hotel, long perspective, approcing the camera, so getting closer each steps…
They told me that they don’t want to be recognised, so I have to “erase” their face, their features…
I really don’t know how!

I wil probably use the spost remover and animate it with transient, but if there is another nicer way, more original, maybe colorful, to do it - maybe adding masks? please tell me!

Thanking you in advance,

Marco Tacconi

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Thanks for posting, @JBP, you triggered a learning experience for me.

It looks like you are stuck with Spot Remover for now, called three times, one for each boy, and animated with Keyframes.

I was hoping I could do it with either Mask: Simple Shape or Mask: From File, animated with Keyframes, but the first has no “Invert” and the second has no Size/Position animation.

If Mask: Simple Shape had an Invert checkbox, I would have used an animated alpha ellipse to reveal either a Gaussian blurred identical clip, or something more colorful like a fireworks video in the place of each face.
And if wishes were horses…

Mettez dans l’ordre:
Masque: Forme simple (avec une ellipse)
Le filtre que vous souhaitez pour l’effet (par exemple Flou Gaussien
Mask: Appliquer

Put in order:
Mask: Simple shape (with an ellipse)
The filter you want for the effect (e.g. Gaussian Blur)
Mask: Apply

Ah, so THAT is how Mask: Apply works.
Thank you, @Namna!

I still, however, think an Invert on Mask: Simple Shape would be simpler for may tasks. And I suspect that the code needed already exists in Mask: From File.

Essayez les différentes options de la combobox

Try the different options of the combobox

Tried those already, before doing Forum research and discovering Spot Remover.

I could get a black spot over the face, but nothing better.

J’en ai flouté 4

I blurred 4 of them

Yes, I have quickly become quite adept at blurring a face this way; and if the face were moving around, I can animate the mask.

However, it does not seem to work with all filters.

I tried using Opacity between Mask: Simple Shape and Mask: Apply in my Filter stack, hoping I could open a window to show the file beneath in the Timeline stack, but it did nothing.

Justement, pour afficher l’image de la piste inférieure il ne faut pas mettre Mask: Apply

In order to display the image of the lower track, do not set Mask: Apply.
On V2 put Mask: Simple shape with substract
Through the mask you will see the image located on V1

This gives me the exact opposite of what I want.
(I had tried that already.)

If it had an Invert checkbox, that would, in fact, give me exactly what I want…

…which is why I put in the Suggestion.

(The track “BabylonBackground” is intentionally blurred, so it became very useful for these tests…)

Je ne vois pas les réglages du filtre Mask vous avez sélectionné Opacité
Certainement vous n’avez pas réglé sur soustraire
Le filtre Opacité n’est pas nécessaire

I don’t see the Mask filter settings because you have selected Opacity
Certainly you did not set to subtract
Opacity filter is not necessary

I am glad I posted the screenshot.

I had thought you were referring to…

Now I see. Yes, that does give me what I want, in this case, when it is over another visible track, and a simple see-through is all I want.
I would still like to have an invert; perhaps I may want to Multiple all except…

(I had seen only black on Subtract, previously, I now know, because I was not over anything visible.)

One or two more questions, @Namna, can it be stacked three times, for @JBP’s three faces? If so, would you like to write the step-by-step instructions for @JBP, or should I?

Pour flouter 3 visages il faut mettre dans l’ordre
1 Masque simple sur le 1° visage réglé sur écraser
1 Masque simple sur le 2° visage réglé sur ajouter
1 Masque simple sur le 3° visage réglé sur ajouter
1 filtre flou ou mosaique ou autre
1 filtre Masque appliquer

To blur 3 faces it is necessary to put in order
1 Simple mask on the 1st face set to Overwrite
1 Simple mask on the 2nd face set to Add
1 Simple mask on the 3rd face set to Add
1 Blur or mosaic filter or another
1 Mask Apply filter


And because they are walking, @JBP, you will need to click the stopwatch icon an each to enable Keyframes, and for each set Keyframe points to keep the ellipse centered on the face and covering the whole face and only the face.


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Yet another way of doing hiding the faces, this time from our Fearless Leader.

So… …Alpha Channel Adjust instead of the Opacity that I tried.

Now, @JBP, whichever method you choose, you will be replacing the faces with whatever is displaying in the next channel under on the Timeline.

I use the Spot Remove filter for this, as moving Masks around the screen by dimensions is time consuming for moving faces.

Yes, even with Keyframes, this is tedious, especially if the face is bobbing around rather than moving in a linear fashion.

I am currently working on a project using Size, Position, Rotate on some tracks and Mask: Simple Shape on others.

With SPR, I am given a nice on-screen graphic UI, which I can use to size and locate the filter:

But with M:SS, there is no such graphic UI:

It would be extremely useful to have the same graphic UI for Mask:SimpleShape as is provided for Size,Position,Rotate.

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I find I am not the only one who wants this.

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