How to fix not autosaved files

I was using shotcut than it started to crash (and as usual) I couldn’t save the files. But when I opened shotcut it never told me to recover the files.

When you start a project, you should name it.
This screen is here every time you open Shotcut. (Newest version at this time: 19.07.15)

Your file might be here:
Settings - App Data Directory - Show

It would also be a good time when you start naming your files, each time you come back to the same project do “Save As” so you can save different versions. Projectx1.mlt, Projectx2.mlt, etc. Then after you’re done with that session, back up your data to a different device/drive.

I just tested version 19.07.15 on Windows, and it is working for both saved and unsaved (Untitled) projects. Autosave only occurs every 30 seconds if the current project is considered modified (on Windows an asterisk appears in the title after the project/mlt-file name). If you were working on a named/saved project, then Shotcut does not offer to recover until you attempt to reopen that project.

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