How to fix black screen on every exported video

I have struggled so much with this program. I struggled for over an hour just to find out how to put text on the screen and whenever I exported the video it was just a black screen. I kept trying, changing settings and continuing to upload videos of black screens too the point where YouTube didn’t let me create any more drafts which I was using to test the problem. Now I have to wait 24 hours and no, I still haven’t found the solution and my text was still invisible. There is so much things I question at times when I stare at my screen for hours at a time solving the smallest problems.

If you have selected the option Use Hardware Encoder try exporting again without this set.

Check on your computer that the file is OK before trying to upload to YouTube.

If your problem is just that the text is invisible then change the color of the text e,g, to white or black or blue… and see what happens. You may have it set to TRANSPARENT.

The “Use Hardware Encoder” option is not selected so still confused with that

It could be this:

If that’s the case it might look like your text is white, but it actually isn’t! As previously suggested, try changing the text colour to blue or red and do another export. If that doesn’t work then upload your mlt project file so we can take a look.

It would be helpful if you would share a screenshot of the text in shotcut.
You might be using a transparent colour for the text or hiding the layer.

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