How to find missing project files

Hi Guys,
I had a question on my channel last week and thought it was a good one to make a video on, so here it is! Its about finding video files in Shotcut once you have moved, renamed or deleted them.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I love these tutorials. Keep them coming.

It’s a great video.

It clearly answers the questions that come up so frequently from newbies here.

Great job!

Outside of the realm of the lessons being taught -

“I always advise to be working with just one (MLT, project) file”

That gave me shudders.
So many people come and say I made a mistake that ruins my project, I saved my project before closing Shotcut, how can I go back?"

I always advise that one never touch the Save button, only the SaveAs button, and number the successive MLT saves, so that in case “Oh,[redacted], why did I do that?” one can go back to a checkpoint before the mistake.

3 thumbs up !
2 for the video content.
1 for the excellent lighting.

Glad you could fix your lighting issues :slight_smile:

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you raise a good point, my preference is to keep it simple, but it isn’t always the safest option!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I am getting there!

Thanks! I have no plans to stop! Trying to get one out per week.