How to export the final "ffmpeg" command in the rendering process?

Hello everyone! I’m trying to render videos using the SVT-AV1 library and it doesn’t work so far.
I have posted an issue in the SVT-AV1 gitlab page and I have been asked for the final ffmpeg command shotcut uses when rendering. Does anyone know how I can get it?

Shotcut uses the FFmpeg API. Shotcut is not a front-end to the FFmpeg command line.

SVT-AV1 doesn’t work because Shotcut makes its own build of FFmpeg, and SVT-AV1 is currently not one of the included libraries. It does include libaom if you’re willing to use that instead. I agree SVT-AV1 would be nice to have. A workaround is to export in an intermediate or lossless format, then FFmpeg that file with SVT-AV1 separately or with av1an.

Thank you for your reply! Will Shotcut use its own build of “ffmpeg” on Linux non-appimage version (so the one from the official package manager)?

Yes it will. You could try unpacking the tarball version of Shotcut and replacing the bundled FFmpeg with your own compilation, but take note of any shared libraries involved. I have not tried a drop-in replacement of ffmpeg myself and can’t guarantee it will work.

Thank you! It’s really weird however as if Shotcut is always going to use its build in ffmpeg, then why do they give a choice to use non-supported codecs anyway…

NO, assuming it truly is a custom build made by the distribution/packager (there may be community packages that download and install our portable build).

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Oh, I see what you’re saying now. I was treating the tarball and a custom distro package as essentially the same concept, but technically they don’t have to be.

That makes much more sense tbh. Especially on Arch Linux that I use which is how they do things.

So Shotcut is not the problem…

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