How to export a Project?


how can I export a whoel project so an other user can work in it?
Wen I look into the mlt always absolte file path are used.



The workflow I use is as follows.
I create a project and save it (no media files).
Automatically Shotcut creates a folder in the directory I previously configured.
I place all the media files that I will use in the project in that folder.
Then in the folder you will have:
The project file .mlt
All media files of the project

If you have Proxy enabled and set it to create a project folder, you will also have a folder with the proxy files of the media files.

If you share the project folder the recipient user already has everything needed to continue editing, he just has to tell Shotcut where to look for the “lost” media files.

Seems to be a way…thanks.

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