How to Export a Clip

Iv’e been thinking about exporting a clip and I know exactly how to do it.
I figured out that you can export a clip to be reversed But you may say that’s not exporting a clip. but inside the program ‘‘Shotcut’’ after you reverse your clip you can place the reversed clip into shotcut and reverse it again and then you have a clip. Im not sure if there’s an easier way. if there is an easier way please tell me :slight_smile:

This is not a suggestion.
Reversing a clip in Shotcut is now a feature.
Added Reverse to clip Properties menu.

This topic is already covered in this post, including a video on how to accomplish reversing a clip.

What you wrote makes no sense at all. Please start making sense, or I will have to silence you in the forum for a little while. Getting tired of your noise.

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