How to do tremor effect and other

Hi there!

First, i’m beginner and i wanted to know if its possible to do a tremor effect with ShotCut as we can see in many spinnin videos (like this at 1.23 )

Furthermore, if you have advice about other effects which i could use to do a video montage, i’m interested :slight_smile:

Thank you for having taken time to read me.

An effect that looks kind of like that is the Rutt-Etra-Lizer filter, which can give you some similar looking color distortion lines. It won’t be quite identical, because it doesn’t make the camera shake. So far that kind of video motion is not possible in Shotcut.

But if you play around with filters and tracks, you can make more neat effects. Some other examples would be the old film filters. They are playful and good for montages I think. I encourage you to try and just add what you want and play around (to the limits of your computer at least.) Shotcut should be a pretty intuitive program, but if you have any questions about certain controls, just ask. :slight_smile: