How to cut black areas after rotating video?

I inserted w horizontal Video, and made it vertical using Filters: Rotate and Scale.

Now it vertical but i see black areas on the right and left side of my video…
I tried to cropp it with a Filter and this one does other thing.
I was trying to set something on export properties… but I could not guess the ratio of a new video.

Is there any quick and easy way of cutting those black areas of a video project after changing video from horizontal to vertical?

sorry if I sound obvious
thank you for all the clues

Black is the standard background (kind of). You have just one video track and by rotating this standard background will be visible.
If you want another one, just add another video track, move this clip to the new track and add any background you wish on V1.
If you want a colour, you can add one by using Ctrl+Shift+O, selecting a colour and drag it from the preview into V1.

Do you want to export a files with a 9/16 ration ?

If yes, just change the project size.
Parameters // Video mode // Create a custom one with the same caracteristics than the file you add.

Heya! I was looking for a Settings/Video mode/Custom/add
and add: ratio 9/16

this does my job :wink:

but I will try also playing with the background colours. Thank you for your clue!

All the best

Yess! That is the thing I was looking for!
Thank you so much!

All the best!

Shotcut comes with Video Mode > Non-Broadcast > Vertical HD 30 fps and Vertical HD 60 fps.

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