How to cut a sequence


I am new to Shotcut.

I loaded a video sequence that has a duration of 2 minites and 30 seconds.
I would like to export only certains parts of the video.

For example: the video sequence from 0:32 to 0:54.

How can I do that with Shotcut?

Also I would like to add a background music . I have an MP3 music that lasts 4 minutes. How can I do that?

Please also tell me how I can delete the soundtrack of a specific video I loaded in Shotcut and to put a new MP3 music to replace it.

Thank you:!

Splitting clips and exporting is a fundamental feature of Shotcut. I would suggest that you spend some time to view this video tutorial for beginners:

Here is a video that explains how to add an audio track:

Another way to export parts of a video is to use timeline markers. After you create markers, there is an option to export them

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Thank you very much. The first video is a nice global video. But know that I master the basics I would to get videos with more in-depth explanations.Any suggestions?

Have you watched all the videos in our tutorials section?