How to cut a long video, and name the sections

I am helping a friend edit a three hour video, so he can put it on social media and his webpage. I was thinking of breaking it into twenty or thirty minute sections, but I don’t know how to name each section.

Maybe I’d call the whole video ‘Devin’s November Presentation’ and then add ‘_001’ and ‘002’ etc. but I don’t know how I would rename each section and I don’t know if that naming convention is the best way to do it. Also is there a quick way to make a cut every fifteen or twenty minutes all in one go, or do you have t manually cut like that?



You could add each section to a new track and name the track (however you like), but you can only name the clip when you export it to a new file.

There is no way to automatically divide and slice the entire video into 15 minute segments.
But the manual task is made easier by entering the time value into the ‘Current position’ field and pressing Enter then ‘S’.

Thank you Steve_Ledger.

I was looking in the upper left section for where to change the name.
It was right in front of me, track name. Duh.

That was incredibly helpful. :smiley: