How to create introductory effect link in this video (Dont' know what to call)

Hi Friends, I am new to shotcut ,

Can you please educate me -may be point to some tutorial, link or some advice on how do I create effect like in this video . .first 1-2 minutes …

The link you provided does not work

Sir/Mam Pls try now . . Thank you for reading my post

If you are talking about the transitions, then there are videos on the Tutorials webpage: Shotcut - Tutorial Videos

One point though: please don’t use the flashing lights that the example video uses, as this can cause problems for people suffering from epilepsy and even for me it is quite disturbing. I’d definitely not subscribe to a YouTube channel that used this as an intro.

The intro is a montage of stills and shot clips, with some transitions and different kind of graphics animation overlays.
The flash is a single white color frame at random position on the top track. (pls. don’t use that, it can hurt people and it look bad also).

I my opinion it is a terrible intro, most viewers on youtube, don’t care about about intros, they care about the story, so keep intros short and simple, start with a hook that tell the viewer what they can benefit from the video, then you can have a very short into, before the real content start.

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