How to copy parts on other track exact the same position?

I have a specific question about video editing with dissolves.
If I have several camera angles / camera tracks available, a cross-fade is only possible if both parts of the film to be cross-faded are on the same track.
However, this will be difficult with my concert video project. Here I have 7 video tracks. At first I thought I would leave all the streams on the respective track and cut out what I don’t need from the other tracks. But then crossfades between two tracks don’t work. Only fade in and out, for example.
So it’s probably best to use the top track for the combination (the actual cut) of the different camera angles. But here I currently have the problem that I have to insert a cut scene at exactly the same position / the same timecode so that it runs 100% synchronized with the music.
Is there a way to position (copy) parts on another track exactly where they were on the original track, or do I have to manually move the cut part to exactly where it should be each time? That would be quite time-consuming.
I would also be interested to know whether it is possible to cut several tracks at the same place at the same time? I know how to mark several tracks (by holding down the Ctrl key).
I would be very happy to receive help.

Vous avez plusieurs techniques pour faire un fondu enchainé.
La première lorsque les clips sont sur la même piste, vous la connaissez.
La second lorsque les clips sont sur 2 pistes séparées, vous pouvez utiliser le filtre "Opacité sur le clip de la piste supérieure.

You have several techniques for making a crossfade.
The first when the clips are on the same track, you know it.
The second when the clips are on 2 separate tracks, you can use the “Opacity” filter on the clip of the upper track.

Thank you. I wasn’t aware of this. This is good to know.

You can set “magnetic” so that parts that you cut/divide at the cursor and move to another track are automatically drawn to the cursor. That’s very good. But is there another way to copy cut clips in another track to exactly the same point in time as in the original track? (unfortunately I can’t express it any better - not even in German… :joy:)

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