How to copy and paste still(s) to a preset folder with one click (hotkey)

This could be shotcut related or not, and I’m guessing that there’s no option to do this with shotcut:
After I put stills in a folder, at the moment I use Irfanview 64 Thumbnails to see the stills as massive thumbnails to get a good idea if I want to move/copy/link that particular photo. Then I just drag and drop them in the directed, folder OR Irfan also lets you click f8, then the number 1-9 to send selection(s) to a preselected folder. It would be cool if you could just do it with one button instead of pressing f8 (2 buttons) every time. Call me an idealist but when you’re doing this lots it just seems primitive having to press two buttons instaed of 1. Can you do this in shotcut without even exporting the stills, just press or assign one button and send them to the folder. If the answr is no, does anyone know id there is a program that both copies and pastes to a preset folder in one click. Like irfan where you can control thumbnail size, ust a little more advanced…

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