How to change the color of a chroma key?

I’m using two chroma key advanced filters, and I want to have a color overlay on one but not the other. How can I do this?

Edit: or is there anyway to isolate single colors and apply a filter to just that?

Sorry, not sure if i understand what you really want. You understood the principle of using chroma key?
You use a single color background with a color nothing else you want to show in front of it has, e.g. blue or green. If you have a blue background for chroma key and you have blue hair - bad idea :wink:

So, i understand your questions so as if you used 2 different color background and want to switch in the middle of the scene? Then there must be something wrong in planning the video. Probably i didn’t get the question right :roll_eyes:

I’m trying to use it for a different purpose , experimental haha do you know if there’s anyway to isolate a color and apply adjustments to only that color?

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You use chroma key like a mask than. You can apply a different background to the mask by using a layer on top of it. But i dont see a way to apply adjustments to the masked out area of the original footage, if that is what you want?

I used it as a mask and edited the background footage as needed! Thank you for the help:)

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