How to change the aspect ratio of an audio file?

So, I’m editing a video. I recorded it on an iPad since I have no desire for the actual video itself, only the audio. (Yes, yes, I know, “Why didn’t I use a microphone?” WELL I DON’T HAVE ONE!!) So, I did it in portrait mode because if not, the Ipad would fall off my piano and that would not be good (I was recording a piano thingy). So when I went to add the video part in, IT WAS IN PORTRAIT MODE! I tried changing the aspect ratio, AND IT DIDNT WORK. So can someone please tell me how to do this?

Hi @Ashball
Check if Shotcut is on the Automatic video mode.
Go to Settings > Video Mode. To change the mode if you want.

Automatic means the resolution and frame rate of your project will be based on the first file your bring in the project. So if you bring your Portrait oriented recording first in Shotcut, the project will be in portrait mode.

Just create an Audio track in the timeline and drag your file in it. The video part of the file will be ignored.

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THANK YOU! I feel so stupid now lol

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The final result: Lit - Koe no Katachi (声の形/The Shape of Voice) Ashball Cover [SEE DESCRIPTION] - YouTube. Thanks for your help.

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You’re welcome @Ashball.

Sounds great. :+1:
The portrait mode orientation of the soundtrack is almost unnoticeable
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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