How to blur a moving number plate with 19.02.28

I wish to blur a moving number plate from two parts of a video.

I have tried with keyframes on one track but found the ‘mask simple shapes’ filter was either not working, not visibly doing anything or I just couldn’t get it to work. I have also tried with two tracks: same result. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a tutorial on how to cover up sections of a video with the Mask filters:

Another way is to use the Spot Remover filter.

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Maybe you are not adding all the needed filters or putting in the proper order:

Mask: Simple Shape
Mask: Apply

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You do not need 2 tracks.



1 track using mask simple shape, mosaic, mask apply. Replace mosaic with blur if you want to.

To move the blur, key frame the H and V positions of the mask to follow the movement. Not easy, but doable.


Thanks DRM, the tutorial nailed it! Must have dreamed the order was blur-mask simple-mask apply and didn’t appreciate importance of order!

Spot-on, thanks.

Thanks Sauren & especially for taking the time to email. As a complete novice, I didn’t appreciate the importance of filter order. Works fine now._

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