How to avoid clips to override when stretching their lenght?

Before editing my video, I changed its speed and made it faster, just to save time when playing it.
Now my video is full of cuts and I’m going through the tedious task of resetting the speed to its original level. (I look forward to seeing the “select all” feature running!).
When I change the speed of one clip, its length changes and it overrides the clips on its sides.
If I’m not wrong, the bit that gets overridden goes lost. But even if it doesn’t, moving the clips apart to make space can become very time wasting.
Any tips to fasten this process, please?

Turn on Ripple mode on the Timeline. Before you change the speed of a clip, move the clip to its right quite far to create a gap. This move action with Ripple on pushes all of the following clips as well. Next, change the speed of the clip. Lastly, right-click in the remaining gap and choose Remove.

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Thank you! Very useful!

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