How to apply Lissajous curve effect

There must be a way to make the Lissajous curve effect move in Shotcut.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

Tried with separate video- and audiofiles, but none of them worked.

Lissajous curve remains static.

Does anybody know how to?

Thanks for the reply.

I played with it a few months ago, and at that time (as I recall) I had it moving as expected.

I looked at it just now, tried many things, and it seems to be only static.
As a static pattern of dots, it seems quite useless.

Yet last year, people were posting videos of it moving.

So either something has changed, or I am forgetting some key step needed to get it moving.

but it looks like that didn’t refer to Shotcut, but to Lissajous i.g. and to Google.?!? :confused:
So it might have been static already back then. :thinking:

Is there any developer of this feature out there? :laughing:

Can you provide a screenshot of the effect you are trying to use?

There is no filter named “Lissajous” or “Curve”. There is a video generator that creates a Lissajous curve under File->Open Other. That is not an effect, but a generator and it has always generated a static curve.

Thank you for joining Brian.

Yeah that’s right. It’s “open other”:

Screenshot 2021-06-02 002006

So I changed it to:

thank you Brian for joining,

Yes, it is “open other”

Screenshot 2021-06-02 002006

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then I created sth. static like:




so, in motion, it should look like:


What do you think, is sth. like this possible?

Thanks for your reply.

In order to make the curve move we would have to implement animation/keyframes for the x & y parameters. No one has contributed that feature yet.

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