How to add Titles without video

Is there a way to add titles without the titles being placed over the video as a filter? Just need to create a simple intro title with black screen.

Yes it can be done.
This is my method (view full screen):


thank you, I appreciate it

I echo those sentiments - Much thanks for sharing! This was just the info I was looking for, and just what i needed to know. Appreciated. A question - Using your settings listed above I found my exported file size was still quite large; i’d like to get them smaller (for uploading to youtube). A 55 minute video ended up being ~ 4Gb for example. Best suggestions? I guess downgrading to 720p from 1080p is what i am going to try next. Just wondering are there more aggressive settings you’d recommend which would still result in a respectable looking youtube video? Or other products/apps/codecs out there you’d recommend that would have more aggressive compression algorithms? ( or do you always use the ones listed in shotcut? AviDemux? or Handbrake for example? Much thanks in advance for your thoughts. I just don’t want to spend too much time discovering for myself if other people already know the answers :slight_smile: Thanks

Have you tried using the YouTube preset??

Hi Steve, yeah i started with that one actually. I let it run for about 15 minutes and extrapolated that the file size was going to be close to 6gb. so i stopped it.

Well 4Gb for 55 mins of HD (1080p) video and audio is not huge at all. Encoding at a much lower bitrate to get a small file will only result in a lossier video quality.
In any case, Youtube will re-encode what you upload and it’s always best to upload the highest quality to youtube because of that.

You can get a rough idea of expected video file size using this calculator.

Will do; Much thanks for the info!

Thanks for adding the videos! But closing this topic now since it is old.