How to add a newsticker to the bottom of the video?

I searched for this question, but the answers do not fit my needs at all. This may be because of my Shotcut version, which is v22.12.21. The show how to do it, like in (1) How to Slide Text In Shotcut - YouTube, but this does not have any useful effect for me. Adding the marquee tag to the HTML file does not avail to anything. So, my question is how to make a simple or rich-text to flow (from right to left for Latin text and from left to right for some other texts).

Here is a link to a video showing my results by using simple text, and by using rich text with the option ‘slide out from the left’. In the latter case, the text stays for a while and is moved suddenly out, making the image below also move. That’s what I also do not want.

Thank you for your help!

If I had to guess, it looks like you have added the text to the actual video track and then added the preset movement to the entire video track. Instead, you need to apply the movement (using keyframes is probably best) to the text filter only, OR add a new track above the current one and then add a new text clip on that (which might help give you more control and understand what’s going on) before adding the movement effect to that. Anyway, to control the timing and speed of the text movement, you will need to learn about keyframes.

My advice - given this is fairly rudimentary, I strongly advise you take the time to work through these (yes, all of them):

In the long run, taking a couple of hours to complete those with Shotcut in front of you will save you many headaches. Right now the one about keyframes will teach you how to move your text (but if I were you and I had the time, I would still start at the top and work through them).

Here is a nice tutorial showing you how to move lines and text around the screen, and that should give you everything you need and more:

Basically, you need to make a wide text and use keyframes (simple is fine) to change position from off one side to off the other. You can start with a Slide In preset (I used Slide In From Right) and then modify the positions at the start of the clip and after the first simple keyframe. In my example, I used a 1920x1080 video mode. So, I set the first position X value to 1920 (off the right side). Then, you need to make the Background size wide enough to prevent scrolling. My example, has quite long text, so I used 16000. Next, I move the playhead to the middle of the clip after the first simple keyframe and change X to -16000 and Background size width to 16000 to keep the width constant. Finally, I extended the time for first simple keyframe to make it longer and slower.

newsticker.mlt (4.9 KB)

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I tried and once was even successful. But what I really appreciate would be a “marquee” widget that can easily be positioned on the screen. In my case, the videos I make are bilingual. So, I would use two of them so that the translation is moved parallel to the first language. Is it possible to add such a widget to Shotcut? I mean an easy-to-use “news” ticker, where the user can select the font and its size (that defaults to the Shotcut default or, if such a default does not exist at all, to the OS default), set it bold, italic, underlined etc., and add a speed. The text will automatically scroll from right to left for Latin text and left to right for Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew etc. If the speed is not entered or set to zero, it will start when the video or source to which it is linked starts and has been finished when this clip is over. If there are several marquee texts stacked one over another, the text will start and end to flow on all at the same time. So, the size may be altered by this widget. And the text length(s) should not be restricted, like it is the case for Text:Simple. It should be fed from some text file or something similar.

Do you know how and where to apply for such a proposal?

Perhaps apply to the 𐎿𐎬𐎢𐎴𐎠 𐎠𐎰𐎥 ? :vulcan_salute: and have them chisel you a script ?

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There is a suggestion category on this forum where you can submit suggestions and other people can comment and show support.

Something similar was suggested a long time ago. It doesn’t seem like there was much engagement:

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